Lets Make Life Better, Together™

WellnesX® is the platform that helps you improve your health and wellbeing. Being healthy does not only mean not to be ill, it also implies some good practices to avoid being sick. Our technology integrates all actors in the health system: patients, physicians, caregivers like hospitals and private practices, insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid among others. Our platform promotes the wellbeing of all actors in this equation. WellnesX« offers the possibility to make this feasible under a unified environment with a common goal:

Live More, Live Better!

Our Benefits For

As a patient, you can accomplish your health goals in an Easy way. Take our technology with you, and it will not only help you remember your prescribed activities with alerts and notifications, but also it will keep you in contact with your physician to be motivated and to stay healthy.

With WellnesX® your data is safe! Our platform is HIPAA compliant, therefore only you and your care provider have access to your health records, making your life Safer.

As a patient you should not spend a lot of money trying to recover from a preventable disease. With WellnesX® your financial health will be protected and Sustainable. Our technology allows yourself, your health coach and your doctor to monitor those health indicators that might alert danger in the future, so they stay under control.

It is possible to live more, live Better, healthier and unconcerned! WellnesX® offers you the technology for a chance of a better life.

When managing health services, administrators and users deal with cumbersome processes, delays and frustration. WellnesX® incorporates standardized procedures simplifying health management and making life Easy.

WellnesX« guarantees information?s confidentiality. Patients are save knowing that all their historical records are protected. Our platform complies with HIPAA regulations, making life more Secure.

Thanks to WellnesX® Best Practises (WBP), it is possible for health organizations and care givers to launch health prevention and promotion campaigns and measure investment vs results, making their finances more Sustainable.

Improved health, more wellbeing, lower risks, higher return of investment... Better companies.

WellnesX® Eases the physician - patient relationship beyond the visit to the doctor's office. Our goal is to Monitor, Accompany and Motivate your patients, encouraging them to accomplish the health goals you have set up for them. All in their hands, anywhere in the world, with our mobile application: Lifree®

Patients and doctors connected in a Safe way, backed up by reliable and up-to-date information. Is the patient improving? Is the doctor receiving the feedback he/she needs? WellnesX makes the caregiver's job simpler, helping him/her obtain better results for the patients.

In today?s more challenging environment, professional performance depends greatly on patients following correctly and effectively their physician?s recommendations. WellnesX® makes this promise Sustainable by providing tools that help all actors in the health system equation accomplish their goals.

With WellnesX® is possible to increase the effectiveness of the prevention and promotion of health programs, by leveraging technology as an ally. Our mission is to make your life Better, together.

As a trainer or health coach, helping your trainees with WellnesX® is an Easy task. Customized messages, instructions, recommendations, motivational messages and more, only a click away, wherever they are.

WellnesX® allows integration with several technologies of wearable devices through our mobile application Lifree®. making possible to obtain accurate information in a Secure and trustworthy way and all related health indicators.

As a platform, WellnesX® acts as an engagement application, motivating the patient to take care of his/her health and giving the doctor visibility about what he/she is doing. By doing so we accomplish our value proposal: Make life Better, Make life more Sustainable.

Tracking a prescribed medicine, is now Easier. Where to find it, who provides it, availability and notifications , all a click away.

Confidentiality and Security when purchasing your medicine prescription, through controlled processes, make you feel safe.

Physicians and patients can now plan for Sustainable treatments, guarantying medication availability, helping patients to schedule their purchases and helping vendors to track patients using their products.

Through loyalty programs, patients obtain Better benefits to buy their prescribed medicines.

With document management tools provided by WellnesX®, it becomes Easier handling and processing information. Government offices can also obtain reports required by law.

WellnesX® provides Health Risk Assessments required by Medicare, allowing doctors to formulate plans of action for the patient wellbeing. Security in mind: Your health between you, your physician and WellnesX®.

An effective and Sustainable management of government health budgets, starts with the promotion of health prevention plans, commiting policyholders and patients to a healthy life style. WellnesX® helps offers a functional service that helps governments smart investments in public health.



WellnesX® also offers Lifree®, a mobile application where patients, doctors and health coaches stay connected. Connect Lifree® with wearable devices from partners like iHealth® and Withings® to collect accurate information about your blood pressure, pulse, glucose level, weight, body mass index and much more!

With Lifree® also get:

  • News related to health topics.
  • Calendar events and tasks remainders.
  • Alerts when health indicator results are outside of safe parameters.
  • Messages and personalized recommendations from your caregivers.
  • And much more!

Lets Make Life Better, Together™

Annual Wellness Visit

WellnesX® includes a module to perform the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) required for Medicare patients.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), hospitals and medical offices accepting Medicare, benefit from this tool used as the point of start of the government health prevention plan.

The AWV module contains the questionnaires and medical protocols needed to evaluate the patient?s risk factors and suggest a plan of action. All reports and records are safely delivered to the patient and doctor and ready to bill to Medicare.

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